Archive | May, 2013

Mountain Passes & Trails Opening for the Season

Getting to and from Crested Butte just got a little easier again!  Jack’s Cabin Cut-Off, Cottonwood Pass, and Kebler Pass are all OPEN for the season.   Thanks to recent consecutive days of sunshine and slowly rising temps some our of favorite lower elevation trails are beginning to open up for the season as well.  [...]

Wilderness solo skiing on Little Bear Peak

It’s Spring in the Colorado Rockies, and that guarantees only one thing…..fickle, unpredictable weather ! For the type of person that isn’t too attached to the idea of what Spring is supposed to be about, is willing to roll with what Mother Nature delivers, or is just plain ADD when it comes to outdoor recreation [...]

Hello Spring……

The first day of spring was yesterday.  This is what the 2nd day of spring looked like in Crested Butte this morning.  Go figure. Ahh spring, you gotta love it … and we do!  Truth be told spring is actually a great time of year in Crested Butte.  Temps start rising, snow starts melting and everyone has [...]