ACA Swiftwater Rescue Course

Nothing builds confidence like developing your rescue skills. Take this American Canoe Associate (ACA) Course with 1933742_511637732119_7894_nIrwin Guides. The swift water rescue course is designed to meet the needs of river paddlers and paddling instructors.

We’ll help you learn to read rivers carefully in order to identify hazards, develop rescue and prevention strategies and build a tool kit of skills to help you and your paddle partners manage risky situations. While using ropes, rescue vests and other tools of the trade. Students and instructors will take turns whamming through rough rapids and practicing’s techniques in a controlled environment. This hands on course will help you develop a rescue mindset and the hard skills needed for rescue. This may be the most valuable paddling class you’ll ever take!

Completion of the 2-day course entitles students to an ACA participation certificate. accepted by most river outfitters, kayak schools and outdoor programs.