AIARE Avalanche Safety Level 1

Avalanche CourseThe AIARE Level I Avalanche Safety Course is a 3-day, 24-hour introduction to avalanche hazards. With a mix of both classroom and field time, the focus of the course is to learn how to recognize these hazards, how to manage them, how to minimize them, and finally how to respond in case of an emergency. Students will come away from the course having been presented with:

  • How to prepare and plan for a backcountry tour
  • How to analyze an avalanche forecast
  • How to identify avalanche terrain & avalanche types
  • How to recognize hazardous conditions
  • Basic snow pack understanding
  • Basics of route selection/terrain features
  • Basic tests techniques and interpretation
  • Educated decision making
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Group management

Course Itinerary

8am – 12pm : Introduction and course goals & classroom session
1pm – 3pm : Field session
3pm – 5pm : Equipment review & planning for following day

8am – 10am : Classroom session
10am – 3pm : Field session
3pm – 5pm : Classroom session

8am – 10am : Classroom session
10am – 4pm : Field session (day tour, lunch in the field – bring your lunch)
4pm – 5pm : Course review and question/answer segment & classroom session