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Ice Climbing

When Spring & Fall temps at 9,000 on the Western Slope of Colorado become to stormy or cold for comfortable rockclimbing days, venture into the red rock Utah desert with Crested Butte Mountain Guides and join us for a guided climb of one of the many desert towers that have made this area an international rockclimbing destination. Experience something different from the the rough alpine granite of local Taylor Canyon and The Black Canyon, and enjoy the soft red sandstone towers and the subtle beauty of the Utah desert with its stark contrasts in color and light.

Crested Butte Backcountry Skiing/Riding

Located in the heart of South America, Bolivia is the most Indian of the Andean countries, with about fifty percent of its inhabitants being descendants of Aymara and Quechua cultures. It is still an unspoiled country and its natural beauty and abundance of mountains, most of them easily accessible, is overwhelming.

Ski Mountaineering

Generally known as the birthplace of the mountain bike… Crested Butte is home to the best Colorado mountain biking, and single track riding. Crested Butte mountain biking is like nowhere else, with lush high alpine trails that offer everything from technical descents, to long, fast and smooth singletrack.