CB Singletrack – By Zach Guy


Last week CBMG/Irwin guides teamed up with Western Spirits to put on a week-long mountain bike adventure in the Elk Mountains, We gave a sampler of some of the best singletrack in the area.  Monsoon season has arrived, which meant the trails were perfectly tacky, the wildflowers are exploding, and the clouds danced in and out of the peaks all day.  I can get narrow vision when I’m on my mountain bike, focusing on the roots, rocks, or flowy turns in front of me.   But if you pause for a moment to look around, you will be stunned. This trip was a great reminder of how special this valley is, from hummingbirds hovering above a rainbow of flowers to bubbling creeks to ragged peaks towering over green valleys. And what better way to end a day of mountain biking than to roll into camp with a cold beer in hand and delicious dinner spread out as the alpenglow fades into starry nights.  Of course the pictures can never do justice, but enjoy a taste of a week of biking in Crested Butte.