Backcountry Hut Trips

Colorado backcountry skiing in Crested Butte

On these tours you will have two days of skiing or riding and a night in a cozy backcountry hut. You will meet your guide the night before to go through gear, then get a good nights sleep and head out the next morning. You wil then travel to the trailhead and get an overview of the trip’s schedule. Skin up, load up, layer up, and head out to the hut.

It is a mellow 3-mile skin up the East River Valley that will bring you through thick aspen groves,and allow you a breathtaking view of the East River snaking through the valley below. Majestic alpine peaks, and sheer granite walls will surround you from all sides. Throughout the tour to the hut your guide will orient you to tricks of the trade for efficient travel techniques, allow breaks for food, water, and endless pictures, and be a general ambassador to the beauty of the Elk Mountains surrounding you.

Backcountry ski touring outside the Friends Hut, Colorado

Once at the hut, drop your packs, and pick your beds. Unload your gear, enjoy a warm drink and meal, and take a quick load off. From here, head out with your guide for the remainder of the afternoon into the surrounding powder fields, and finish your day with fresh smiles on your face, and fresh tracks on the ground. As the sun lowers below the horizon, follow your guide back to the hut, and prepare to put your feet up and cozy up to the wood stove. As the daylight wanes, your guide will prepare hot drinks, and a hot home-cooked meal for you and your hut-mates. Spend the rest of the evening however you choose; lounging by the stove, reading a book, hanging out under the moonlight, or trading stories with your friends and guide.

On Day 2, wake up early and fuel yourself up for the day with hot drinks and food. Head out with your guide for the morning in search of deep snow and fresh lines. Explore untracked glades, or attempt long couloirs and possibly a peak descent. Be back at the hut by early afternoon, in time to enjoy a hearty lunch and pack your things for the skin out. Spend the afternoon heading back out to the trailhead, looking over your shoulder at your turns decorating the beautiful valley behind you, and feeling the smile across your face.

If your time, schedule, and snow conditions allow….do it over and over, again and again….for as many days and nights as your lungs and legs can muster.