Lake City Area Ice Climbing

Lake City ice climbing in Colorado

One of the most beautiful and easily accessible places to learn the trade of ice climbing. The small mountain town of Lake City, Colorado is one of the newest areas in the country to have recently developed their own local ice park for ice climbing. Generally referred to as ‘off the beaten path’, you will have the place to yourself with no crowds or scene typical of the more well known Colorado ice climbing park like the one just over the pass in Ouray.

Located right in town, the Lake City Ice Park has around 15 routes with 60 to 100ft pitches with mixed grades WI 3 to 5. A trip to Lake City will not only provide a day of rugged ice climbing, but a visit to the town itself is an experience to be had. With a year round population of under 1,000 people, the locals are extremely hardy folk with a wealth of backcountry and outdoor experience. This National Historic District is engulfed by national forest and incredible peaks; you’ll take a step back in time with a slow pace of living and leave with an enormous respect for the surrounding area.

For those already familiar with the basics of ice climbing, or those looking for a more adventurous and truly wilderness experience, the North San Juan Mounatins backcountry surrounding Lake City offers many moderate and long multi-pitch ice climbs, such as the local gem “Sherman Falls” a 4-pitch WI5 line.