‘Peak of the Week’ Summer Hiking Series

Elks Range Montains

Our summer Peak of the Week series is geared towards exploring a local peak of moderate difficulty with one of our guides for a discounted price of $65 per person. Sign up for all 8 weeks and get one free! Distances are roughly 5 mi round trip with 2000’-3000’ of elevation gain. Departure time is 8am–unless an earlier departure time is required due to weather. Participants should be prepared for everything from intense sun to the possibility of snow so pack sunscreen, extra layers, some snacks and water.

Peaks of the Crested Butte Area

Although we have no “14′ers” to speak of, Crested Butte is surrounded by a number of notable mountains each unique in setting and appearance.  During the Peak of the Week Summer Hiking Series we’ll explore the classic summits of Crested Butte as well as some of the lesser know peaks in the area.  Peaks slated for summer 2015 are Belleview, Gothic, Baldy, Avery, Augusta, Teocalli, Owen, and Treasury.

July 7th – Mount Belleview (12,526′)

Mount Bellview

Belleview is one of the peaks close to the famous ’401′ mountain bike trail up Schofield Pass. Parking at the crest of Schofield Pass, it’s a short ascent to the top of Belleview which gives you a great view to either West Maroon Pass and the Maroon Bells, or off the other side into Rustler’s Gulch and into the Gothic valley. The wildflowers are typically phenomenal in this area. 3.5 miles roundtrip. 2500′ vertical gain. 

July 14th – Gothic Mountain (12,625’)

Gothic Mountain, CO

Gothic Mountain is accessed via trail #403 on the northern side of the peak. We’ll drive through the town of Gothic which in the summer hosts hundreds of researchers and students studying at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab. This hike is 7 miles round trip with about a 3,000 foot elevation gain. The southern face is the pinnacle of the Washington Gulch valley and is a classic ski shot in the winter. The eastern face with it’s dramatic cliffs provide a imposing backdrop for RMBL. 7 miles roundtrip. 3015′ vertical gain.

July 21st – Mt Baldy (12,805’)

Mt Baldy, Crested Butte, CO

Mt Baldy is one of the more accessible peaks in the region. It can be ascended from either the Gothic Rd side or from Paradise Divide when the road is drivable. This mountain is a popular choice for skiers early in the season or late in the spring. The long ridge line of Baldy provides excellent views into both the Slate River valley and the Washington Gulch valley as well as a peek into the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area. 5 miles roundtrip. 2100′ vertical gain.

July 28th – Avery Peak (12,653’)

Avery Peak, Gothic, CO

Avery is probably one of the most distinct peaks in the area with it’s broad red rock face sloping into the Gothic valley. Although somewhat intimidating to look at, Avery has several options for ascending that can be done in 3-5 hours. While it’s possible to approach by either the south or north facing ridge, experienced hikers are known to go straight up the gut when the risk of rockfall is low. The summit of Avery provides an incredible view into Rustler’s Gulch as well as of the east face of Gothic.

 August 4th – Augusta Mountain (12,559’)

Augusta Mountain Crested Butte, CO

Augusta is one of the principle peaks of Paradise Divide, the stunning backdrop of Crested Butte. In this picture taken in the fall, a dusting of snow shows the contours of Augusta with Mineral Point in front of it. We’ll access Augusta via Poverty Gulch, heading up through Baxter Basin and hitting Angel Pass and then on to the summit of Augusta proper. From the top, you get a great view into the Raggeds Wilderness Area and an unusual perspective on the Dark Canyon. This week’s choice is a great chance to get ‘into’ Paradise Divide and seeing what lies behind it. 6 miles roundtrip. 2850′ vertical gain.

August 11th – Teocalli Mountain (13,208’)

Teocalli Mountain

Teocalli is another stand out in the Crested Butte area and is the 2nd tallest in our Peak of the Week series. With it’s distinct markings facing town, Teocalli is peppered with hikers and bikers in the summer season. The ascent is by West Brush Creek and following ‘Teocalli Ridge’ up the south side of the mountain. This is definitely on the checklist of ‘must-do’ peaks in the area. 5 miles roundtrip. 2768′ vertical gain.

August 18th – Mount Owen (13,058’)

Mt Owen, Ruby Range CO

A towering giant on the crest of the Ruby Range, Mount Owen can be seen from the top of virtually every other mountain in the area and is the 3rd tallest peak of our series. Normally overlooked due to its distance from town and invisibility from the town viewshed, the drive and rugged 4WD to its base is well worth the reward, with stunning vistas of Scarp Ridge and Lake Irwin, as well as the Anthracite and Beckwith Ranges to the South & West.

August 25th – Treasury Mountain (13,462’)

Treasury Mountain, Crested Butte CO

Treasury Mountain is located on the northern edge of Paradise Divide and is the tallest peak in our hiking series. It is accessed via Yule Pass, a pass noted for it’s loose shale and eroding trail. But those tenacious enough to push through are rewarded with untouched wilderness views back into the Yule Lakes area. Treasury is accessed by the southern ridge and at the top, you have excellent views into North Pole Basin, Bear Basin, and off the backside of Paradise Divide. 7.2 miles roundtrip. 2100′ vertical gain.