They Don’t Call it the ‘Lupine Trail’ for Nothing

The Lupine Trail is absolutely exploding with the fabulous purple flowers from which it derives it’s name.  After a fairly bleak wildflower season last summer it was a pleasant, albeit unexpected, surprise to find the Lupines out in full, vibrant force during a quick after work ride last night.

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Since it’s creation during the summer of 2011 (thanks to CBMBA!) the Lupine Trail has become known for it’s sweet, buffed-out single track, built specifically with mountain bikers in mind.  We decided to take full advantage of the fast, flowy conditions the Lupine has to offer when we spied a rain storm on the horizon poised to give us chase.  Speeding down the trail, our descent was flanked on either side by a constant stream of purple blur, interrupted only by a few short stops to capture these pictures.


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It’s hard to keep your eyes on the trail with this kind of scenery.


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Fast, flowy downhill on the Lupine Trail.


Enjoy the views & happy riding!
-Tiff, CBMG Staff